Archives for February, 2009

#1 Trait for being an Entrepreneur

Do you know what’s the #1 trait for being an Entrepreneur?  It’s being innovative.  So, how do you become innovative?  Are you born with this trait, or do you acquire it? I believe it’s the mixture of the two.  If you were a baby that always seemed to get into trouble for being curious, or […]

Waiting to the last minute…

Many people wait until their company announces a layoff before they start a job search! Why is this?  Do you think your prospects of finding the right job will be waiting for you? Is there such a thing of finding the right job? Here’s what I suggest you do: Research for a new job at […]

A Thin Line Between…

There’s a thin line between career transition and entrepreneurship.  It is the spark that can make an individual go from working for someone to working for themselves.  It can also make an individual assess themselves to determine if they are ready to work for themselves or continue to work for someone in order to maintain […]