#1 Trait for being an Entrepreneur

· Entrepreneurship

Do you know what’s the #1 trait for being an Entrepreneur?  It’s being innovative.  So, how do you become innovative?  Are you born with this trait, or do you acquire it?

I believe it’s the mixture of the two.  If you were a baby that always seemed to get into trouble for being curious, or when you were 2 years old you were really mischievous then chances are you have an innovative spirit.  You were always testing things, or trying certain things that most other children would not do.

Now that you are an adult,  you may still have that curiosity and want to try things certain things with some type a risk.   Perhaps you have that innovative trait that is needed to push to the level of being an Entrepreneur.  If you are an Entrepreneur, what was the very first thing you did to place yourself in an entrepreneurial state of mind?

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