#2 Trait for being an Entrepreneur

· Entrepreneurship

Creativity would be the #2 trait for being an entrepreneur.  It’s not all about numbers, or process.  It’s not about being right or wrong.  It’s not about being logical or decisive.  Creativity is its own self-conscious sub-conscious entity.  If you are confused with what you just read, don’t be.  That’s what creativity is all about, a vast of nothingness producing something you have never thought of.

If ingenuity is the mother of invention then creativity is the grandmother of ideas.  Please pardon the pun.  🙂

Being creative does not have mean that you are and artist or poet, being creative is a way to look and hear things from a different perspective and get an idea that you can pursue to accomplish your goal.  For some this may come easily, for others it’s something that an internal change would have to occur, sometimes drastic, before they can realize that creativity is within them.

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