Is it worth changing careers?

· Career Transitioners

Making a career change is serious enough to make the world stop, or maybe you hear a loud crack like the planet just split in two.   Either way, this very thought for some people is nothing to joke about.  However, a serious look would still occur if you are not reaching the heights you were thinking of obtaining.  Maybe your career is not satisfying to you, it lost its luster. 

Well, maybe it’s not the work you’re conducting or the place that you work at.  Maybe it’s you and the fact that your career is no longer challenging for you.  But, how can you ever leave a type of job you’ve been for several years?  That’s all you know. 

That’s not entirely true.  If you are able to rewind your past and look at the various work you’ve been involved in and the people you’ve work with, you will find that you have acquired a vast set of skills without even knowing it.  With the help of a coach maybe a career change is right for you.  But only you can decide when the time for change will be.  Don’t be forced to change it on someone else’s term.  Take the opportunity today!

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